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As we draw to the end of another great year, I thought I’d give you a quick update on what we’ve accomplished this year and what we’re planning for 2018:

For the seventh straight year, our North Texas Association of Air Force Academy Graduates was awarded the Distinguished Chapter Award by the national AOG office. Dating back to its inception in 2011, the Distinguished Chapter Award is based on points accumulated over the course of the year for all different types of events and activities. Our Chapter is one of only three in the country to win the award all seven years, and from the information that was shared at the Annual President’s Conference, I can proudly say that no other Chapter in the country comes close to all of the different ways we’re supporting our Mission:

  • Help young men and women who want to attend the Academy in their appointment process

  • Support current Cadets and their Parents (in partnership with the North Texas Parent’s Club)

  • Provide socializing and networking opportunities for local area Grads

  • Support local area Community Service organizations

We accomplished these things through these types of events during the year: 

  •  Second Saturday Dinners

  •  Founder’s Day Dinner (over 75 attendees)

  •  Memorial Day picnic for Homeless Veterans at Presbyterian Night Shelter

  •  BCT Orientation for new Appointees at Dr. Sandy Brothers’ home

  •  Send-off picnic for new Appointees in partnership with ALO’s and Parents’ Club

  •  Watch Parties at the homes of Jason Strickler (’99), Scott Kirby (’89) and Lev Prichard (‘89)

  •  Golf Tournament at Cowboys Golf Club in partnership with AOG National

  •  Veterans Day pizza lunch for Homeless Veterans at Presbyterian Night Shelter (also donated over 50 bikes for veterans)

  •  Annual Flag Football event versus Army and Navy

  •  First Annual Holiday Party at the home of Dr. Sandy Brothers '85

  •  And yesterday – a  PHENOMENAL First Annual “Open House” at JRB Ft. Worth (formerly Carswell AFB).  Cadets got to fly on a C-130 low-level airdrop mission, and Parents and Grads and their families got to tour the base, attend Mission Briefings, and see an eight-ship F-16 formation and static display. Plus the “FINI” Flight for Col. GW Holt (’88), retiring Wing Commander of the 136th TAW.

We’re going to be doing all of those things again in 2018 – plus some other events and Community Service partnerships I’m working on.

Our next event is the Annual Meeting to be held in conjunction with the first Second Saturday Dinner for 2018. It will be at Café Amore in Grapevine, 5:30pm on Saturday, January 13th. Excellent, inexpensive Italian food, and BYOB. We’ll have a private room, but seating is limited to 40.  So if you want to join us for dinner, send me an “affirmative” RSVP to reserve your spot. If you just want to drop by for the Annual Meeting (election of Board Members and Officers and Financial Report), it will be held at 6:00pm.

Hope to see you on January 13th, or if not, at one of our other events throughout the year.
Rick, ‘74

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Last edit: 01.01.2018
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