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the North Texas Association of Air Force Academy Graduates YAHOO! Group
is the place to receive e-mails about our events.  Click this link to join now!

Here’s a summary of other upcoming events (additional details to follow):

  • Sunday, June 26th – Tri-Service Softball against Army and Navy, Plano Senior High School, 2:00 to 5:00pm

  • Saturday, August 13th – first of our monthly Second Saturday Dinners, 7:00pm to whenever you have to leave, location TBD

  • Saturday, Oct 1st – Watch Party for the Air Force-Navy game, 2:30 kickoff

  • Friday, Oct 14th – AOG Golf Tournament, Cowboys Golf Club, 7:30 shotgun start

  • Saturday, Oct 15th – Air Force vs New Mexico in the Cotton Bowl (kickoff TBD, probably 11:00)

  • Saturday, November 5th – Watch Party for the Air Force-Army game, Scott and Kathleen Kirby’s house, kickoff TBD

  • Saturday, November 19th – Tri-Service Flag Football, Plano Senior High School, 9:00am to Noon

  • Friday, November 25th – Watch Party for the Air Force-Boise State game, 2:30 kickoff

We’re also working on a group outing to the Joint Reserve Base in Ft. Worth (formerly Carswell AFB) and a tour of the F-35 production line in Ft. Worth.

Please let me know if you’re going to be able to join us for lunch next Thursday (June 16th) – hope to see you there!

Rick Wright, ‘74 


Homeless military veterans need your help.

NTAAFAG has begun supporting Ft Worth homeless veterans.  There are about 120  homeless vets being assisted by the Patriot House in Ft Worth.  We helped them at their Memorial Day dinner (see the attachment) and we are planning further help. 

What do they need?  A major item is bicycles.    They do not own autos and bicycles provide a way to work.  The Patriot House and the VA office help them find jobs and apartments, but they need transportation.   Hence, bicycles.  They ride them directly to jobs within a few miles or they take the bus and put the bicycles on the rack in front and ride the bus close to a job further out.  Bicycles are very important to their recovery and independence. 

 We want to supply as many as we can in a steady flow.  A local church has bicycle repairmen to put the bicycles in good shape for the vets.  We also need to provide money for repair parts.

 Another need is money for school supplies.  There are 35 homeless parents with children (about 80 people in total), including many military vets.  School starts soon and they need school supplies for the children.  The children need a boost to help them succeed.   You can provide that boost and send them to school with the same supplies as other children.

How can you help?

Donate adult bicycles that you are not using.  We will get them repaired.  Email Dave Almand (dlalmand@gmail.com) -- Southlake for the Ft Worth side -- or Mike Giles (mike.giles@att.net) -- McKinney for the Dallas side -- and set up a drop-off or pick-up of your used bicycles. 

We need money outside the normal NTAAFAG donation process.  We will use this for bicycle repair parts, as well as for school supplies for the kids.  Please mail checks made out to NTAAFAG with Ft Worth Veterans in the "For" line.  Mail to Dave at 811 Kleberg Ct, Southlake, TX 76092-6035.  

We are a 501 (c) (19) organization so all donations are deductible if you itemize deductions on your tax filing.  Let us know if you want a receipt for your dollar or bicycle donation. 

This is a chance to do something really good and important for our fellow military vets who have stumbled on hard times. We want to help them pull out of their situation and become successful, productive citizens. 

Thank you for your help.
Dave Almand and Mike Giles

Comments or suggestions?  (webmaster@ntaafag.org)
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